Mazi Nenna Clifford

Mazi Nenna Clifford
Obinwannem South Korea Representative

My name is Mazi Nenna Clifford from Ezeagu LGA, Umana town, Isigwu village, Enugu state Biafra land. I am Obinwannem Foundation Ambassador in South Korea.

Phone: +821071290127
Location: Sounth Korea
Working Days: Mondays - Fridays

I joined Obinwannem foundation in 2019 because Obinwannem Mission is my dreams to my Igbo people. This foundation is to create a network that will bring Igbo people together, and therefore connect all sons and daughters of Igbo origin.

To create an atmosphere that will ensure that any Igbo person in difficulty in any part of the world finds the help he or she needs as quickly as possible. Our goal is to ensure that every Igbo man, woman or child fulfils his or her life dream, as well as to attain his or her ultimate height in life