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Fund Raising

Fund Raising Projects

Our fundraising programme is a fantastic way to rally neighbors and friends to support a unified cause

Save Children From Hunger

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Would you like to contribute to the igbo community and work with others like yourself?

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For all the latest images of our work, be sure to check out or gallery! With all of the latest updates to our site, we have ensured to keep an up to date gallery of our work.

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You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteering with the Obinwannem Foundation

Our Mission

To create a network that will bring together, and therefore connect all sons and daughters of Igbo origin.

Charity for Education

To inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our communities.

Bringing Clean Water

To give clean water & sanitation to cut child death rates by more than half. Give access to clean water & save lives.



Feed The Hungry Child

To create an Igbo community where no child goes to bed hungry, where everyone has a decent place to live!

Help Little Hands

Provide easy and rewarding opportunities for individuals & corporations to support each other

Home for Homeless

Build a healthier Igbo community by investing in the positive development of ndi igbo

Donate for Children

Ensure Igbo children have a healthy sense of self, feel loved and believe they can accomplish great things

We help Igbos in any part of the world find the help he or she needs as quickly as possible!

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Meet some of the amazing volunteers who are making dreams come true.


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Egwu Egedege

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Obinwannem Igbo News

Onye ọ bụla hụrụ anyị si na ya ahuruo anyị ga ekpu isi.

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Giving always feels good, but it feels even better when you commit to the causes important to you and carefully strategize how much you can give. Start by setting up a monthly giving for the causes you know you want  to support.

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