Lolo Ugo Queensley Kalu

Lolo Ugo Queensley Kalu
Obinwannem Lagos Representative

My name is Lolo Ugo Queensley Kalu from Umuahia South LGA, Ubakala Town, Abam Village, Abia State Biafra. I am the women head of Obinwannem Ndi Igbo Global Abia State Biafra land.

Phone: +2348023721779
Location: Lagos
Experience: Aviator, ticketing, customercare / social media handler - (15yrs)
Training: BA English, PGD Management

l joined Obinwannem Ndi Igbo Global On the 21st of April 2020, while l was browsing, l came across Obinwannem broadcast by Mazi Ugwu Okechukwu on the FB page Obinwanne – Ozi Oma Chineke, requesting 20 men/women who will like to fight for their motherland with their blood. l got interested and immediately sent a WhatsApp message to indicate my interest. I was added to my state and since then, l have been faithfully carrying out my duty with delight and joy. I joined Obinwanne mainly to contribute the much l can to see that l reconnect to my root, and also to help others do same. lam a proud Biafran women who cherish the cultural heritage of my motherland and would do all it takes to uphold, revitalize and sustain it. The actualization of Biafra is my mandate hence joining Obinwannem will make me get involved in helping to bring a United and formidable movement that will unit us, Ndi Igbo together. Obinwanne – Ofu Obi