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We Provide Worldwide Help To Ndi Igbo

In the journey of the struggle to liberate the Igbo people from the crutches
of the neocolonial project in Africa, it dawned on the founders of this non-profit organization that the degree of pains and sufferings of our people who are scattered all over the world is enormous, hence the birth of Obinwannem Foundation, a non-governmental organization.

We are Helping Hands

We are a Mother, Father, Sister and Brother. Bound by blood and vision to help Ndi igbo

Our Vision

To see to it that no Igbo child or citizen is left behind in the grand scheme of things and to restore the spirit of “obinwannem,” that is, an attitude of love and care in all activities of the Igbo people.

Our Mission

To create a network that will bring together, and therefore connect all sons and daughters of Igbo origin and to create an atmosphere that will ensure that any Igbo person in difficulty in any part of the world finds the help he or she needs as quickly as possible

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