Mazi Chijioke Mbanefo

Mazi Chijioke Mbanefo
Obinwannem Ukrraine Representative

Our mission is to create a network that will bring together, and therefore connect all sons and daughters of Igbo origin. To create an atmosphere that will ensure that any Igbo person in difficulty in any part of the world finds the help he or she needs as quickly as possible. We are here to ensure that every Igbo man, woman or child fulfills his or her life dream, as well as attain his or her ultimate height in life

Phone: +380732147236
Location: Ukraine
Working Days: Mondays - Fridays

Obinwannem Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life of Igbo Biafrans home and abroad, by smashing obstacles and creating the environment where our people can thrive and reach their maximum potentials.
Gradually and steadily, we are building bridges that connect through the remotest and darkest places in our society to a brighter future for all.
With your donations, we are feeding families and promoting social welfare to the benefit of all.
We continue to preach mental revolution that all men may reason and think freely for freedom they say is a state of mind.