All Services To Our Motherland;

● ACTIVE OFFICIALS: On 20th of September 2021, our overall leader – Nwachineke Ugwu Okechukwu ordered to give him a comprehensive list of actively serving officials; which was given as thus:

Names Of The People That Are Working To Make Enugu State Great Again.

》 Nwa Chineke: Ogbodo Chidera Head Admin ENUGU state

》 Nwa Chineke Nnaji chined: Women Leader Enugu Statee, Studio Manager And Financial Secretary And Treasurer ENUGU State For Now.

》 Nwa Chineke Chiemezie Adindu: Assistant Head Adam ENUGU State/ P .R.O.

》  Nwa Chineke Asogwa Chekwubechukwu Collins: General Secretary Obinwannem ENUGU state And Secretary Umuwoke

》 Nwa Chineke Onyeke chekwube: Assistant General secretary and Women Secretary

》 Nwa Chineke Okwe Chiagozie Emmanuel: Provost Enugu.

   Let’s All Of Us Go Back To Work.

Obinwanne Ofú Obi

We Move Together

Sign By.
Nwachineke Ogbodo Chidera Head Adam ENUGU State

Delivered By.
Nwa Chineke Chiemezie Adindu. P.R.O Enugu State

● SUSPENSION: Nwachineke Ezugwu Chukwuebuka(Gen. Provost) on 15th  of September 2021 was given a week suspension which ended on 23rd of September 2021.

● PROJECT SUPPORT: On 18th of September 2021, the Obinwannem company sent ten thousand naira to purchase some items for Nsukka studio equipment, Obinwannem Ala Enugwu.
Items bought:

We bought webcam at #6,000 

2,500 for phone charger

2,000  for phone waybill to Abuja.

One Samsung Galaxy phone was sent to  Ijeoma  Nwakamma today 22/9/2021.

Total expenses=#10,500

So #500 credit to the office.

Signed : Nnaji Chinedu,
Studio Manager.


》Nwachineke Onyeke chekwubechukwu – (Enugwu based) Secretary Obinwannem foundation Ala Enugwu and writer Enugwu State studio

》Nwachineke Ogechi Nnaji – General treasurer and financial secretary both Obinwannem global and in Ala Enugwu

》Nwachineke Agu Ifeoma – Assistant secretary Obinwannem Ala Enugwu.

By Nwachineke Asogwa chekwubechukwu Collins (Gen. Secretary)
Signed: Nwachineke Ogbodo Chidera (Head Admin.)