On the 19th July, Nwachineke Ijeoma Okeke ( orjiugo), greeted everyone for the successful meeting held on the 17th to 18th July, 2021. She pleaded for being so late to the meeting but it was due to some circumstances. She said that she has listened to some of the discussions in the meeting and would like to make her own contributions.

Based on what happened on the 1st July 2021 at the OBU GAD, she said that it clearly that no food cooked for the general was given to any one nor the villagers. She said that it was only the cooked Achicha food and palm wine brought by the members of Obinwannem Enugu that was shared to the villagers, both to the children and adults and to some on the Obinwannem members from other states.

She said that the interest of many members from the other states was just to eat and drink very well off which they fought over the foods and drinks within themselves when Enugu members had already left. According to her, the villagers was testifying that those hosting the event did not give them anything apart from the Achicha food and palm wine given to them by Obinwannem members from Enugu State. More so, Nwachineke Ijeoma Okeke said that she really has to say this so that those people who did not go for the launching ceremony will understand what happened there and she is also saying it because of our brother who complained that the launching event was not properly covered.

Furthermore, she said that on that day( launching day), non of the members from the other states was interested to know how things will be organized but they were focused very well on the food, drinks and chicken especially the Anambra members. She said that immediately the members from Enugu left, other states present has rejoiced and some of them was saying that the mad people that think they know everything have left and this is a very big opportunity for them to share the food and drink prepared for the launching ceremony. And they later shared everything among themselves after fighting over it.

In the end, she said a very big thanks to Nnaji Chinedu ( Ada Nsukka) and every other member from Enugu who tried their best to see to the success of the launching ceremony because if not for them, she would have said that nothing like launching could have happened. She also said that she knew all these because she was there on time and went home very late.

Nwachineke, Chidera Ogbodo recommended our sister Ijeoma Okeke, who took out her time to explain all these for us even though the explanation came late becomes the meeting has already ended but yet, our brother that laid a complain about the video coverage will be clarified after reading or listening to all that our sister Ijeoma Okeke said.

On the 19th July, Nwa Chineke Ugwu Okechuwkwu (The C.E.O Obinwannem) with his good mind, greeted everyone. He said that really, an air has blown making the fowl buttock to be seen. He also said that he does not want to use the knowledge given to him by God to offend anyone but to help his people. He scold people to tell them that they did wrong thing and praise people to tell them to keep up with their good deeds which means that he doesn’t need to beg before he could say the truth.

He said that he has seen that many people want the destiny of Nwachineke, Nnaji Chinedu to be covered but he has shut their mouth and they can only soliloquy within themselves. More so, he said that he does not want anybody to say a violating word because Obinwannem foundation Enugu has United and will move further with one mind to show a shining example to other states because we have the support of our Igwe and believe that other traditional rulers will join soon.

He asked those that know more about culture and traditions to choose the date they will teach us. He also said that as we are moving forward, we will devise means to go around the Enugu state to welcome people from the different parts because that is where we will start work soon. He asked Nwachineke Chiagozie to do an investigation to know how Okenwa, Uchenna and Chukwuebuka Ezugwu joined and left Obinwannem. He went further to explain that Okenwa said he has gotten a business and does not need to be engaged into two businesses, then he left our group. He said that Uchenna wrote a resignation letter before he left.

Nwachineke Chiagozie replied and said that there is no need for him to start investigating while he has been clarified. He said that he was only asking because his phone spoiled and he wasn’t following up.

On the 20th July, Nwachineke Ugwu Okechuwkwu pasted the rules and regulations guiding this group.
Then, Chidera asked everyone online to read, tag to it and write ” yes” if agreed to the constitution.

Many people tagged on the constitution and said yes just like Chidera said. On the 22nd of July, Nwachineke Asogwa Chekwubechukwu passed the minutes of the meeting held on the 17th of July, 2021. On the 23rd of July, Nwachineke Chidera Ogbodo reminded the members about the meeting that we will have on the 24th – 25th July.

Nwachineke Nnaji Chinedu encouraged everyone to try and participate in the meeting. She also pleaded with those people that are more advanced in Igbo culture and traditions to bring out time to teach us.

Nwachineke Chukwuebuka Ezugwu was added Back into the group by Nwachineke ugwu Okechuwkwu (The C.E.O Obinwannem). He was asked to go back to his position as the general P.R.O Obinwannem worldwide. He was also asked to talk and greet the members, and he did as he was instructed. Nwachineke Nnaji Chinedu was so excited and she welcomed him with a chorus.

SIGNED: Nwachineke, Onyeke Chekwube (The general secretary Obinwannem Enugu State).