On the 5th July 2021, the weekly report of umu omenala Obinwannem Enugu from 5th to 11th July 2021, was pasted by the general secretary Obinwannem Enugu, Nwachineke Onyeke Chekwube.

On the 13th of July, Nwachineke, Nnaji Chinedu welcomed a new member called Orji chukwu, into Obinwannem. She asked him to explain himself in details and great everyone in the platform.
On the 14th July,2021.
Nwachineke Nnaji Chinedu ( The financial secretary) also pasted the June financial report of Obinwannem Enugu State.

After taking a good look at the financial report pasted , Nwachineke, Nnaji Ogechi found out that her name was not in the list of those that supported during the launching while she supported with the sum of #5,000 earlier .

Nwachineke, Nnaji Chinedu ( the financial secretary) explained to Nwachineke, Nnaji Ogechi that there are some receipts of those people that contributed which they could not found. She said that it was through the receipt that she would find names of those that contributed. She further said that there is a place in the financial report titled “Anonymous” where she listed the money that was paid into the account without the receipts shown. She promised that having identified her own, she will add her name.

Furthermore, she announced that anyone who had paid but could not find his/her name in the list should identify himself so that it will be compiled because all the money paid into the account was in the list but some are under anonymous members that contributed.

Nwachineke Orjichukwu Abumchukwu( The new member from Awgu LGA in Enugu State) expressed himself, saying that he is so happy to be a member of Obinwannem, a place where peace and love exists. According to what he said, he joined the Obinwannem through Nwachineke Nnaji Chinedu( Ada Nsukka). He said that it is very important for us to know our brothers and sisters both in home and abroad. He prayed that God would bless us all with the power of wisdom understanding and love.

On the 6th of July, Nwachineke Orjichukwu Abumchukwu (The new member) was welcomed by Nwachineke Ugwu Okechuwkwu (the CEO of the Obinwannem Organisation worldwide) with some of our members.

After saying welcome to our new member, Nwachineke Ugwu Okechuwkwu said that it is true that somethings has been going on but, we will achieve our aim with the help of God and some of our members who is trying as much as they can for the upliftment of this organisation.

He acknowledge those that said welcome to our new member. He encouraged such an attitude because it will really make the new member feel relaxed to work with us Furthermore, Nwachineke Ugwu Okechuwkwu said that we will get our own house of worship, where we will worship our God, chukwuokike and even teach our culture and traditions.
Nwachineke Ugwu Okechuwkwu asked the new member, Orjichukwu to alert us if he has anything to teach us about the culture and traditions of Awgu or Igbo people so that we will know when he will teach us. He also asks Orjichukwu about his qualifications and the type of job he does.

Nwachineke Orjichukwu greeted the members once again, he said that he has a Bachelor of arts in political science.

Nwachineke, Onyemaobichukwu Ekwenuchi prayed for God to bless every members that supports Obinwannem physically but not spiritually due to the lack of finance so that they may support both physically and spiritually.

On the 16th of July, Nwachineke, Chidera Obgodo reminded the members about the meeting that will behold from the 17th to 18th of July 2021. More so, he asked whoever has anything to teach us to be prepared to teach us so that other ones will get more knowledge from the teaching.

Nwachineke, Adindu chiemezie said that this is the time for anyone that has not yet joined Obinwannem to try as much as possible to do so becomes the time to spread the news about Obinwannem has come. He also said that this is the time for the members and non-members that have the way of God to stand firm for the work.

He said that nobody is asking anyone to pay a huge amount of money that he/she can not get per month but, to pay as little as you can which will eventually be returned back with some benefits in few years. He said that Obinwannem is a place where one talks with truth and a pure heart, not a place of deceit.

Nwachineke, Orjichukwu, in his contributions, said that we have a tradition which needs to be respected by everyone created by God because the beginning of of a man’s wisdom is to know himself first. He said that nowadays, that people disrespec our culture and traditions and this may be as a result of lack of knowledge and teaching.

He said that it is very much important for us to teach our culture and traditions just like the foreigners does so that our people will learn about this culture because good teaching enhances good learning. Furthermore, he said that our culture and traditions are the ways of God in all the nations and no one can skip them. He said that the way of culture gives love and peace of mind which aids long life. He said that some people think that culture is nothing but doing sacrifices, drinking and eating meats which are not true. He strongly said that we need to educate our people very well about the culture and traditions with good explanations because good teaching leads to good understanding as well.

On the 17th of July, Nwachineke Chidera Obgodo reminded us again about the meeting.
The meeting started at 7 pm and ended by 7 pm the next day just like he said earlier.
The details of the meeting will be discussed fully in the minutes of the meeting by the secretary.

SIGNED: Onyeke Chekwube (the general secretary Obinwannem Enugu State).