The meeting began at exactly 07:25 pm, the opening prayer was said by our leader Nwachineke Ogbodo Chidera

Members Present In The Meeting:

1) Nwachineke Ogbodo Chidera (Head Admin.)
2)Nwachineke Arizona Nwata Anayo
3) Nwachineke Nnaji Osita
4) Nwachineke Nnaji Chinedu Eunice
5) Nwachineke Agu Ifeoma
6) Nwachineke Onyeke chekwube Favour
7) Nwachineke Adindu Chimezie
8) Nwachineke Ijele chinonso Precious
9) Nwachineke Nnamani Obinna
10) Nwachineke Kenneth Ekwuenechi Onyema
11) Nwachineke Ijeoma Okeke
12) Nwachineke Ugwuoke chekwube
13) Nwachineke Obiajulu John
14) Nwachineke Ogechi Cindy
15) Nwachineke Asogwa chekwubechukwu Collins

Nwachineke Ogbodo Chidera in his opening speech appreciated the efforts our dedicated members and especially those that contributed in the recent studio project support. The agenda of the meeting was presented as thus:

The first agendum stated that now is an opportunity for any member to accept the amount of money to be paying as his/her monthly tax

The financial secretary/women leader in her contribution also thanked those that put in their energies in support of our organisation,  she went further to remind us that every organisation needs financial and every other support to grow,  she prayed for financial upliftment and open doors in our lives.
Nwachineke Ijeoma Okeke with heart full of joy supported the above agendum and appreciated the good work of our members.

Nwachineke Onyeke chekwubechukwu –  (Nsukka studio writer) urged us to make our monthly tax a priority,  she admonished us to be up and doing instead of following our organisation like a bat which doesn’t belong to aerial birds or land animals.

Apart from our sister Nwachineke Ijeoma who just returned from travel, every other members present in the meeting have made their pledges for tax payment

The second agendum is “anyone that has any idea that will contribute in progress of our organisation should not waste time to make it open “

The financial secretary in her idea pointed that sharing our work, programmes and every other related activities of Obinwannem foundation on social media is one of the ways to promote what we do.
The head admin. in line with the above suggestion supported the idea of sharing and participating in our various programmes on social media.

In conclusion Nwachineke Ogbodo Chidera urged us to remain resolute in this journey of the actualisation of our Cultural heritage.

The  meeting came to an end by 10:33 pm (Biafra time), the closing prayer was said by Nwachineke Ogechi Cindy

By Nwachineke Asogwa chekwubechukwu Collins (Gen. Secretary Obinwannem Ala Enugu) Delivered By. Nwachineke Chiemezie Adindu ( P.R.O Obiwannem Ala Enugu).