Mazi Uroko chinedu vitus

Mazi Uroko chinedu vitus
Obinwannem United Arab Emirate Representative

My name is Mazi Uroko chinedu vitus from Nsukka LGA, Lejja town, Umuorogbogu village in Enugu state Biafra land. I am the Assistant head Enugu administrator/head Administrator Obinwannem Ndi Igbo Nsukka LGA Enugu state Biafra.

Phone: +2348109354193
Location: United Arab Emirate
Experience: building technology
Working Days: Monday-Saturday

Joining Obinwannem Ndi Igbo worldwide on 20th April 2020, I was very excited the day I saw join Obinwanne Ndi Igbo worldwide on Facebook to fight for our motherland because I have been searching which group can I join to see that all this killing and corruption comes to an end in our land but thank God I later find Obinwanne movement because I know I cannot succeed no matter where I am if my land is not in peace. Obinwanne – Ofu Obi